Fertility Awareness

Are you looking for a natural alternative to birth control pills? Aviva Romm wrote an amazing article describing the risks of “the pill”, which include depression, weight gain, blood clots, migraines and a higher risk of cancer. There is an alternative!

Organic Homebirth is excited to now offer fertility awareness consultations with Jennifer. She has been working with fertility awareness for years, and would love to work with you. With a simple consultation, you will leave with an understanding of your body and cycle. Through this understanding, you can avoid pregnancy without hormonal options or other cumbersome, unhealthy options.  Alternately, for those trying to conceive, having a deeper understanding of fertility and how to support your fertility can be helpful on your journey to pregnancy.

During the appointment, you will go over your cycle history and get insight into your personal body. Jennifer will give you tools to increase your awareness and understanding of your body. After the initial appointment, you will be encouraged to do a follow up, at no extra cost, in a couple of months to review your personal fertility and ensure you have a full understanding of how to prevent pregnancy in a natural way.

Text Jennifer or send us a message for more information today!