About Us

Our Philosphy of Care

Your home is where you feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, free to be yourself.  As such, it is the ideal place to give birth.  Attended by a trained midwife, home birth is at least as safe as hospital birth for the 85%-90% of low-risk women giving birth.  In our practice, giving birth at home is the logical outcome of knowing that birth is a normal, natural event.  At Organic HomeBirth, we are passionate about providing the highest quality of care throughout the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods.  But more than that, we desire to have a real and deep relationship with you as we walk you through the exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey that is ushering new life into the world.

We are a three-midwife practice, consisting of Emily Thompson, Jennifer Green, and Tiffany Miller, all Certified Professional Midwives registered to practice in Colorado.  In addition, we have a senior student, Tanya Park, who take clients under the direct supervision of the senior midwives.  We have two more students in the practice, Emily Walker and Kelly Cole who you will see at some of your appointments and who assist at births as the third attendant.   

At Organic Homebirth you get to choose your primary midwife, but can rest assured that should the rare occasion occur when your midwife is unavailable, you will have already met and are familiar with her back-up.

We are so pleased you’re considering a homebirth.  Please browse through the meet the midwives pages, check out our services, and then use our on-line scheduler to set up a consultation with us!