Meet the Midwives

Emily Thompson CPM, RM
Jennifer Green CPM, RM

Meet the Students

Amanda Smith, Student Midwife

A key part of learning the art of midwifery is having the experience of caring for clients as the primary midwife while still having the teaching midwife be part of the process.  Both of our students are at the place where they can accept clients as the primary midwife, while remaining under the direct supervision of their mentor.  

Both students offer their services at a $500 discount off of the normal practice price.  If you choose to hire a student, you should think of the student as your midwife.  She will conduct all appointments, she will be the managing midwife at your birth, and she will follow you throughout the postpartum period.  Her supervising midwife will be present during every interaction, guiding and helping only where needed.  

Tanya Park, Student Midwife