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The Organic Home Birth Team
The Organic Home Birth Team: Tanya, Liz, Jenny, Tif, Emily T & Emily W

We are a three-midwife practice, consisting of Emily Thompson, Jennifer Decker, and Tiffany Miller, all Certified Professional Midwives registered to practice in Colorado.  In addition, we have a senior student, Tanya Park, who take clients under the direct supervision of Emily.  In our practice you get to choose your primary midwife, but can rest assured that should the rare occasion occur when your midwife is unavailable, you will have already met and are familiar with her back-up.

The midwifery model of care starts with the assumption that pregnancy and childbirth are normal life events.  What follows is our commitment to individualized care with our clients with their preferences solidly in the center of all we do.   We believe that the families we serve deserve to have accurate information and the right to make their own healthcare decisions.  

At Organic HomeBirth, we are passionate about providing the highest quality prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.  But more than that, we desire to come alongside you as we walk with you through the exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey that is ushering new life into the world.


Home Birth

Your midwife and her team will provide you with complete support for a safe and healthy birth.

Water Birth

Every client is welcome to utilize a La Bassine Birth Pool for labor and birth.  We provide the pool kit at no extra charge.

Fertility Awareness

Jennifer is the fertility expert in the practice and offers consultations.  She can help you use fertility awareness to prevent pregnancy or help if you are trying to conceive.  

Sneak Peek Clinical

Find out the sex of your baby as early as 7 weeks pregnant.  Results in 24-48 hours!

What are people saying?

Emily and Jennifer are kind, competent professionals who made homebirth such a nurturing experience. They supported me well through my pregnancy and assisted with breastfeeding challenges in the weeks following my son’s birth. My birth was an intense experience and they brought a calming reassurance to the entire process. I really could not be more pleased with their knowledge and care. I wish I had discovered them much earlier!


Tiffany is so kind & knowledgeable. I learned so much from her as far as what to expect & how to prepare. Her care was excellent & thorough to insure the safest & healthiest birth for me & my baby. She was extremely informative, explaining things & then giving me resources to educate myself, allowing me to make the best decisions for me & my baby girl. She listened to my needs & desires & supported me all along the way, from pregnancy to birth to postpartum. I could not have chosen a better midwife to walk alongside me on this incredible journey!


Emily and Jennifer have delivered all three of our kiddos! Every experience/pregnancy/birth was an amazing experience in large part due to Organic Home Births professionalism, caring, client centered approach. Also, if you’re considering but haven’t committed to the home-birth approach call Organic Home Birth and set up an appointment, I’m sure they’d be happy to chat with you and share about the process.


I had the BEST experience with Jennifer as my midwife. She was so knowledgeable and understanding at my pre-natal appointments and, at my daughter’s birth, she had the perfect balance of helping when needed and staying out of the way when my body was doing the work and my husband was supporting me. I would recommended her without reservations!


I have been a client of Emily’s for the birth of both of my babies. I am so grateful for the care and services that she has provided for me through both of my pregnancies and births. I think every healthy woman having a baby should consider home birth. It is empowering, safe and stress free. I am incredibly pleased with my experience. I have gained a midwife that I can go to for health and fertility questions and a friend for life.


Fun Facts


of our clients deliver in the water

38 Years

Combined experienced in birth work

7 lbs  9oz

Average Birthweight in our practice


C-Section Rate in our practice