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We’re Having a Homebirth!

Jen reads a childrens book which helps them know what to expect at a homebirth.

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Malcolm’s Birth Story

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Malcolm’s Birth Story By Erica Laue   After the way Miles’s birth went down, I really really wanted an uncomplicated vaginal birth at home (an HBAC, because we’d had the c-section with Miles). We began seeing our midwife, Jennifer, who was our doula in Miles’s birth. As with Miles, I started having pre-labour signs at […]

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Colorado Home Births After Cesarean: A Call to Action

There has been a great deal of information swirling around Facebook recently about the new VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) amendment added onto the registered midwife bill, HB 1360. This post will hopefully lay out all of the current information and help clarify the issue. Cesarean section has become an overwhelmingly common-place way for a […]

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